Grafilius OÜ - professionaalne disain ja kliendikeskne teenendus


The Estonian Paten Office registered the trademark GRAFILIUS in November 2014.
The registration notice was published in The Estonian Trademark Gazette in December 2014.


When were the first trademarks introduced?
Logo = a graphic image of a trademark


The first users of trademarks were sword makers of Imperial Rome. First writings on sword blades date back to Roman Empire (I–V century AD) and mainly inform people of the name of the sword maker, for example RANVICUS. Such markings can be called trademarks as the craftsman was personally responsible for the quality of his products and the buyer could make his choice based on the name on the sword.

6587 trademarks were registered in the Estonian Patent Office from 1919 to 1940. The first among them was PEOLEO (oriole) with an image of a bird “to be placed on boots and wooden toys“. The owners of the trademark were Paul Epler and Richard Kivit from Tartu (application on 22 March 1919, issue date 2 April 1919, valid until 27 March 1929).

After the restoration of independence in Estonia the trademark number register was continued from where it was left off in 1940. The first to receive a trademark was TURVAJA OÜ.