Aili Mittal-Jõgiste

1967 born in Haapsalu
1994 graduated from Estonian Academy of Arts in the field of graphics, diploma (the name at the time was Aili Mäetamm)
2001 2012 chief artist at Tallinn University of Technology
2013 … founder and head of Grafilius OÜ, designer.

Member of Estonian Printmakers Association since 1994

Richard Hollis, British graphic designer and design historian writes about the field in his book “Graphic Design. A Concise History”:

“Visual communication in its widest sense has a long history. When early man hunter for food, and spotted the imprint of an animal in the mud, he was looking at graphic design.. […]“

Aili Mittal-Jõgiste:
“Based on this wonderful quote, my work as a graphic designer is an imprint of you and your company established as an attractive and understandable design.”