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Our Services:

Print advertisement and information prints design booklets, brochures, flyers, business cards, advertisements, posters.

Company, project or event identification graphics (logos) design new logo design or vectorisation of the old logo. We choose the colours and fonts. The prints are designed in accordance with the company’s needs: business cards, forms, letters of thanks, certificates, invitations, postcards inc. Christmas cards, document folders.

Book design and illustrations for children’s books and magazines

Print layout text change on a completed layout

To get your personal offer, please fill in the price inquiry form on Grafilius’ web page or send a mail to info@grafilius.ee. The range of services we offer is significantly larger than from what you see in the list above. When needed we also consult our clients on the choice of paper and printing house. You can read about our general price principles here. Everything can be negotiated!