There are situations in which clients come to us when they say they needed the complete design yesterday. It is necessary to consider that a deadline which is too brief doesn’t leave room for the designer’s creative process and the client won’t have time to check the work – the completed work is always confirmed and approved by the client. During the work process it is necessary to make decisions about the best design composition, but also in case of print layout works a precise check is necessary. When the layout reaches the printing house, printing preparations need to be done. All of this requires time and it can be planned beforehand. If there is little time for design work and it is not possible to postpone the deadline (in case of conferences and fairs) then contact us so we can reach an agreement. We can start your project earlier and we can coordinate the technical requirements of the additional materials so that the illustrative materials are ready in time. We also recommend that you also reserve a time in the printing house.